Triad Space Axis (TSX)

In 2T-46E, war was destined to bring the galaxy down to nothing but smoldering ash. With each of the major planets fighting for control, no one was safe from the destruction and turmoil plaguing the land. After eras of conflict and thousands of bodies, a peace was unexpectedly decided among the warring parties. These parties were the ruins of the old America, the newly formed GBP, and the Alliance of Man.

The three joined together in meeting to discuss terms of surrender and alliance. With the GBP having led many of the victorious battles during the war, they were given rights to first negotiations. The Alliance of Man followed, the the ruins of the old America came last, must to their disliking.

With negotiations worked out, the Triad Space Axis was formed as the governing exploration, military, and police force. Many questioned the decision to make the TSX the police force of the galaxy, but with no other militant leaders coming close to the amount of power held withing the TSX, the decision was continued forward with no hesitation.

To this day the TSX remains as the acting military and police force, but shows a steady decline in their wish to further explore current and new galaxies.

Triad Space Axis (TSX)

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