Arcturus – This galaxy was given its name due to the abundant icy plants contained within it. Its herald planet1 is Arctu-Prime.

Zephyrus – Named after the race which inhabits most of the planets here, Zephyrus is home to many different types of planets, ranging from tropical island-filled planets to harsh desert climates. The herald planet of Zephyrus is Xaehiri.

TSX-688 – The 688th galaxy discovered by the Triad Space Axis. Named thusly for cataloging reasons, TSX-688 is filled with asteroids inhabited by various races and their herald planet, Trisidax.

Orithyia – The smallest of the inhabited galaxies, Orithyia is home to the world's most hostile environments and creatures. Only one planet has been fully colonized, Nuigawa, and therefore is the galaxy's herald planet.

Eioneus Star System –  This galaxy was once home to billions of bright stars, until an unknown mega-event caused the majority of them to suddenly cool. The herald planet for Eioneus-Strsyt is Dreron-2S7I.

1Herald Planet: The planet containing the capital for its particular galaxy.


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