Arcturus was first discovered in 2T-54E by an explorer from the Triad Space Axis. Upon discovery of the icy worlds, TSX sought to colonize every planet they could in hopes of finding minerals buried under the miles of sheets of ice. When instead faced with savage climates and even more savage beasts, they packed up and left the various settlers there to fight for themselves. By 2T-74E, the people left behind had managed to form their own functioning society and learned to tame the icy creatures of the planets. They would eventually find the resources TSX initially sought, and from then on would work as mineral trading planets for the other galaxies. In 2T-82E, Arctu-Prime would be fully colonized, and the planet would be recognized under the GBP as a herald planet.


Arctu-Prime -

Brarth O51 -

Catheon -

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