Major Events

0T 01E -

  • The first era of deep-space travel begins.
  • The designation for time changes from A.D. to xT xxE. ‘T’ represents thousandth era, and ‘E’ represents era, the replacement for the measurement of time “year”. One era is equal to 400 days.
  • A starship cruiser known as the SC Zion heads out as the first ship built for deep-space travel.

0T 08E -

  • The crew aboard the SC Zion discovers the first galaxy outside of the Milky Way system. Shortly thereafter. transmissions with the Zion are interrupted. The Zion is never heard from again.

0T 09E -

  • Legislation for space travel is re-written by officials after public outrage with the loss of the SC Zion. Recreational space travel is restricted. Close-space travel is still open for civilians, but only with government-approved pilots transporting them. Deep-space travel is only permitted by government agencies, and only after unanimous approval from an elected council.

0T 27E

  • After years of preparation and with dozens of safety precautions in place, the second ship built for deep-space travel, known as the SC Wayfairer, makes its voyage into the black of space.

0T 32E

  • The SC Wayfairer makes contact with officials, claiming the discovery of another habitable galaxy.
  • In an effort to colonize other galaxies deeper into space, carrier-class ships are sent out with crew and supplies to colonize any new planets that may be discovered.

0T 34E

  • Wayfairer reports back that the first habitable planet in the new galaxy had been discovered. They safely land and begin scouting the surface.

0T 38E

Major Events

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