Major Events

0T 01E -

  • The first era of deep-space travel begins.
  • The designation for time changes from A.D. to xT xxE. ‘T’ represents hundredth era, and ‘E’ represents era, the replacement for the measurement of time “year”. One era is equal to 400 days.
  • A starship cruiser known as the DSV Zion heads out as the first ship built for deep-space travel.

0T 08E -

  • The crew aboard the DSV Zion discovers the first galaxy outside of the Milky Way system. Shortly thereafter. transmissions with the Zion are interrupted. The Zion is never heard from again.

0T 09E -

  • Legislation for space travel is re-written by officials after public outrage with the loss of the DSV Zion. Recreational space travel is restricted. Close-space travel is still open for civilians, but only with government-approved pilots transporting them. Deep-space travel is only permitted by government agencies, and only after unanimous approval from an elected council.

0T 27E -

  • After years of preparation and with dozens of safety precautions in place, the second ship built for deep-space travel, known as the DSV Wayfarer, makes its voyage into the black of space.

0T 32E -

  • The DSV Wayfarer makes contact with officials, claiming the discovery of another habitable galaxy.
  • In an effort to colonize other galaxies deeper into space, carrier-class ships are sent out with crew and supplies to colonize any new planets that may be discovered.

0T 34E -

  • Wayfairer reports back that the first habitable planet in the new galaxy had been discovered. They safely land and begin scouting the surface.

0T 38E -

  • The carrier-class ships reach the planet the Wayfarer has spoken of, meeting up with the crew of the ship.
  • The captain of the Wayfarer reports that this planet they discovered, while habitable, is populated with dangerous creatures that could make colonization and survival difficult.
  • Unwilling to risk another catastrophe, the crew is ordered to evacuate and search for another planet.

0T 59E -

  • After two decades of unsuccessful missions, public opinion of space-travel begins to weaken once more.
  • In an effort to preserve funding, the Wayfarer receives command to return to Earth with false claims of a second habitable planet. The begrudgingly begin their voyage home.

0T 70E -

  • The Wayfarer returns to Earth, and the crew presents the false claims they were instructed to give.
  • People across the globe rejoice at these ‘findings,’ and funding for government agencies to continue space programs skyrocket.

0T 72E -

  • A government employee quits his job to start his own space-travel company. He recruits members from the Wayfarer voyage with promises of better pay and more renown. The company is given the name “The Zion Corporation,” after the original deep-space vessel.

0T 88E -

  • The majority of Earth’s population is beginning to grow impatient as to why no one has traveled back to the planet that was supposedly found.
  • The Zion Corporation is given a contract by various government officials to return to the original planet the crew of the Wayfarer discovered, despite being told numerous times of the dangers that lie in wait there.

0T 89E -

  • The Zion Corporation hires new members into it’s rankings for the upcoming voyage. Training for deep-space travel beings.
  • Constructions on the DSV Nebulous begin.

0T 94E -

  • The DSV Nebulous is completed. It is the first ship for space travel not designed or created by a government agency.
  • The new crew of the Nebulous finished their training. Departure is planned to begin in one year.

0T 95E -

  • A radical group of terrorists, believing that man should not stray from the planet that God created for them, attack the Zion Corporation headquarters, killing many and wounding more. Three of the astronauts scheduled to embark on the Nebulous perish.
  • A private defense group is hired out by Zion to further protect company assets.
  • The trip into space is put on hold indefinitely.

0T 98E -

  • Conflicts between Zion and the terrorist group, now named the Brotherhood of Earth, grow to near-war standards. The United States of America starts to intervene in the conflict.

1T 01E -

  • The Brotherhood of Earth has amassed many supporters to their cause, coming from every region of Earth. Others join sides with Zion, determined to preserve man’s right of exploration.
  • Gossip among countries speaks of war.

1T 04E -

  • Shots are fired at a Brotherhood rally, and a major leader in their organization is murdered.
  • Zion computer systems are hacked into, and the company loses months of research towards new spaceship systems.

1T 06E -

  • In a routine test run for the Nebulous, two pilots are killed in an explosion caused by internal malfunction. Later, it is determined that someone sabotaged the vessel.
  • Zion officially declares civilian war on the Brotherhood.

1T 07E -

  • Germany makes the decision to support Zion in their efforts, while The United States takes a stance and backs the Brotherhood.
  • The Zion Corporation uproots its American headquarters and moves the operation to Frankfurt.

1T 10E -

  • War drives Americans from their homes, and Germans into bomb shelters. Australia steps up to support Germany, and China takes a side with America, surprisingly.

1T 13E -

  • Zion begins secret development on ships that can fire from out of orbit onto enemies below.

1T 17E -

  • Testing for Zion’s space weapon begins in secret. They coin it “The Omega.”

1T 18E -

  • Existence of The Omega is leaked, and the Brotherhood plans an all-out assault on Zion.
  • Intel reveals the Brotherhood’s plans, and The Omega is fired.
  • The Brotherhood’s headquarters in Washington, DC is obliterated, along with the surrounding one hundred miles of land. Millions are declared dead.
  • The Zion Corporation fires eleven more times on US soil before a surrender from the Brotherhood is proposed. America lies in ruin, and body counts rise.

1T 20E -

  • Zion troops flooded into the ruined cities of American and wiped out any oppressing Brotherhood forces. Many American cities were laid to waste.
  • In the horrible aftermath of the attack, the remaining countries with significant military forces banded together to put a stop to Zion’s rampage. They formed a group dedicated to ceasing unnecessary attacks based on space progress. They called themselves the Alliance of Man.

1T 28E -

  • The Alliance of Man helped the American people rebuild where they could, and it was once again a mildly prospering country.
  • Major radiation from the Omega’s attacks, however, poured throughout most of the county, and it’s people were forced to live their lives only towards the center of the region.

1T 30E -

  • Zion begins plans to return to the planet once discovered years ago.

1T 45E -

  • Zion officially declares itself a military power, and finishes building ships to travel outwards into the dark of space once more.
  • New astronauts are brought in and begin new training to travel to and survive on the new planet.

1T 47E -

  • Ships bearing Zion’s logo rocket off into the atmosphere. The journey to inhabit new worlds begins.
  • Countries from around the globe send requests to Zion asking for involvement with their space program. Most are accepted, and progress towards space travel reaches new heights.

1T 51E -

  • Many different vessels reach the new planet and land safely.
  • Astronauts and explorers being to search the immediate area for a suitable place to set up temporary living arrangements.
  • The galaxy is given the name Orithyia, and the planet is given the name Nuigawa.

1T 54E -

  • A variety of planets within the galaxy are discovered, but none turn out to be hospitable like Nuigawa.
  • A researcher, deep within the jungles of Nuigawa, is eaten alive by some creature. The rest of the research teams are called back to base camp.

1T 56E -

  • Clusters of cargo ships arrive on Nuigawa, bringing supplies to build cities on the planet.
  • Zion superiors send troops to the planet in order to protect the people there.

1T 60E -

  • Small cities sprout up around the base camp of Nuigawa. Live is thriving, against all odds.
  • Zion send more ships out towards the surrounding areas of the galaxy in another attempt to discover more planets and galaxies.

1T 78E -

  • Two new galaxies are discovered, each with an array of planets to explore. Ships land on two planets in each system.
  • China develops it’s own series of deep-space vessels, and begins plans to join Zion in the stars.

1T 88E -

  • Discoveries are made throughout each of the newly explored planets. A new species of humanoid is stumbled upon.
  • The aliens speak in an unknown language, and are unable to communicate with the explorers. They are given the name of “Zephyrs” for references.
  • The galaxy that the Zephyrs inhabit is given the name Zephyrus.
  • Explorers learn that the planets occupying Zephyrus have a variety of different climates, making thriving in the galaxy more probable.

1T 96E -

  • Geologists from Earth take a vast amount of samples from the other planets discovered. They learn that only the planets had recently undergone a massive cooling event, causing the planets to have a thick layer of space rock on top of still molten star matter. They still debate the possibility of living on these planets.
  • The galaxy is given the name Eioneus Star System, or Eioneus-Strsyt.

1T 98E -

  • Many countries from Earth, including the ruined democracy of America, begin sending ship out towards the new galaxies in the hopes to claim planets for themselves.
  • It is decided that to maintain some sense of order, a faction must be formed to regulate who controls these new planets. The Zion Corporation, along with other world leaders, form the Galactic Bureaucracy Protocol. Zion officially disbands, and the majority of its members join the GBP.

1T 99E -

  • Settlers from the ruins of America make secret plans to enact revenge for what happened to their country.

2T 02E -

  • Many new planets are thriving with human settlers. There are disagreements throughout the different nationalities.
  • On Nuigawa, fights break out between settlers after an argument about claims of land.
  • New classes of starships are being researched.

2T 03E -

  • A group of tribesmen from Nuigawa are murdered in the night. Blame is put on others living on the planet.
  • Combat emerges from harsh feelings throughout the galaxies, and many believe another war is imminent.

2T 04E -

2T 46E -

  • The Triad Space Axis is formed. Peace is held throughout the galaxies as the war is put to an end.

2T 54E -

Major Events

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